Scholarships 2023

The CRC “Hybrid Societies” offers One-Year-PhD Scholarships to young scientists to implement research in the context of the CRC and the planning of a CRC-related doctoral project. After the initial one-year-funding, scholarship holders will apply for further funding with the help of their supervisor(s) to continue their doctoral research. Scholarships start January 1st or by agreement.

The scholarship announcement for 2023 can be found here. We are looking forward to your application (application deadline: October 4, 2022).

Contact: Dr. Diana Armbruster (

Please note that the scholarships are subject to guidelines and regulations of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) as for example:

  • Scholarships are intended to cover living expenses and may not be used to supplement scholarships from other funding agencies or income from a job.
  • Scholarships amount to EUR 1468 per month (EUR 1365 basic amount + EUR 103 material costs subsidy).
  • The scholarship is tax-free in accordance with the German Income Tax Act (EStG). It is not subject to Social Security contributions.
  • The scholarship holder is responsible for personal insurance (e.g., health insurance).
  • The scholarship can be increased by a third party. However, the sum of scholarship and additional funding may not exceed EUR 1750 (per month). The additional amount cannot be connected with any obligations, conditions or restrictions.
  • Income of the scholarship holders from paid employment as well as transitional allowances shall be offset against the scholarship (gross income). However, income from additional scientific activities (e.g. scientific lectures, scientific publishing activities) is not taken into account if it does not exceed EUR 6000 per year during the term of the scholarship. Income from property is also not taken into account.

Additional details regarding DFG regulations can be found in these guidelines.