The Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Societies offers excellent conditions for scientific qualification. The CRC is characterized by interdisciplinary work on a core issue of the future, an optimal research infrastructure and a high degree of internationalization. Become part of the research network in one of the 17 subprojects as a PhD student (m/f/d) or scholarship holder (m/f/d).

Open positions in the CRC are published here: University of Technology Chemnitz – Open positions.

Besides, there are opportunities for annual grant scholarships for PhD students. These scholarships should support the planning of a research endeavor in conjunction with a CRC project.

Integrated Research Training Group

The Research Training Group aims to give structure to the development of relevant competences of the doctoral candidates in order to enable them to efficiently achieve their doctorate, to establish interdisciplinary international networks and to gain deeper insights into scientific work. In six core areas, doctoral students develop distinctive theoretical, methodological, and personal competences. Close collaboration with supervisors and colleagues allows for constant reflection on the PhD’s own work. The focus and contribution of the Research Training Group is ensured by continuous quality management.