Doctoral Candidate

Wegen der Corona-Pandemie konnten die Mitglieder des Sonderforschungsbreichs noch nicht so fotografiert werden, wie sie hier in Zukunft zu sehen sein sollen. Wir holen das so bald wie möglich bald nach.

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    a: embodied sensor and motor capabilities
    b: artificial bodies
    c: shared environments
    d: intentionality in hybrid societies
    e: intersecting projects
    Research Projects
    public relations hybrid societies
    information infrastructure hybrid societies
    responsibility in hybrid societies
    identifying events in high-dimensional time series
    social displays of accountability
    credible conversational pedagogical agents
    implicit driving cues
    human-like trajectories
    spatial orientation
    gaze interaction
    stereotyping of bionics users
    avatar postures and gait
    unobtrusive evaluation of system latency
    body-attached sensor network
    learning flexible motor control
    action perception for joint actions
    central tasks of the collaborative research centre
    integrated research training group
    intentionality in multimodal interaction
    Research Disciplines
    artificial intelligence
    cognitive psychology
    computer science
    electrical engineering
    engineering psychology
    law studies
    materials science
    mechanical engineering
    media and communication
    media psychology
    movement science
    personality psychology
    semiotics and linguistics
    social psychology