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A research stay in corona times

The possibility to cooperate with people and institutions from all over the world has always fascinate me. When I joined the CRC, almost one year ago, I was so happy to hear that international collaborations are strongly recommended and supported. The University of Naples Federico II, invited me to join them during spring 2021 in […]

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In all conscience. Or: When the refrigerator buys an orange juice

When we try to mechanize our society, create robots, program artificial intelligence as intelligently as possible and do all this in a way that humans will accept, the focus is primarily on scientific and psychological research. However, it should not be forgotten that people’s trust in a safe coexistence is not strengthened by a trustworthy […]

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Hyperbolic Wavelet Regression, photogenically arranged (blackboard: Laura Lippert)

How to deal with a lot of data?

In the whole CRC Hybrid Societies, a lot of data is recorded and needs to be processed. Therefore, mathematicians are needed to find elegant ways to analyze the data and extract information that can be given back to draw conclusions.

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Epilogue – A new approach to human-machine interaction?

In five episodes, journalist and moderator Thibaud Schremser addressed various key topics of the Collaborative Research Center “Hybrid Societies.”. Now it is time for a résumé. In this episode Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold, Principle Investigator of the public relations project within the CRC, and Matthias Fejes from the press office of the Chemnitz University of […]


Breaking through technological walls

Artificial intelligence, deep learning, autonomous machines – these buzzwords sound like groundbreaking dreams of the future. But when will it be that these technologies are also naturally present in everyday life, one might ask. Or perhaps even yell, “Let’s stop it!” The thing is that these and other technologies are already work-in-progress and will become […]


AI and feelings

Can we fall in Love with an artificial intelligence? Cinema and television have already played out romances between humans and machines in various forms. But how realistic is it for us to develop feelings for an algorithm or a robot? If machines are becoming an increasingly natural part of many people’s everyday lives and if […]


Autonomous driving and law

Come along for a moment and imagine the following: You get into your car in the morning, enter your destination and then sit back and relax or work on your computer – the car finds the way to work on its own. Red lights, pedestrians or obstacles are no problem for artificial intelligence (AI) and […]


People, prostheses, stereotypes

Think of Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” universe, the Dalex in the science fiction series “Dr. Who” and the Borg in Star Trek. Besides these man-machine villains, there are just as numerous as positive portrayals of so-called cyborgs like Robocop. What they all have in common: Their bodies are technologically modified and thus appear […]


Could robots help in the Corona pandemic?

The Corona pandemic has turned our lives upside down. To prevent infections, people should meet each other as little as possible in public and private spaces – preferably not at all. What could be more obvious in this situation than having robots assist us? For example, to do the shopping or to perform care and […]



Fahrradkino Chemnitz

Asimov entdecken im Fahrradkino

Am 21. September lädt der SFB Hybrid Societies gemeinsam mit dem Fahrradkino Chemnitz e.V. zum Filmschauen an unserem Stadtlabor auf dem Brühl ein. In Kooperation mit dem Cultursommer zeigen wir den Film zum Buch “I, Robot” von Isaac Asimov.

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Summer School 2021

The CRC Hybrid Societies’ Summer School will take place on July 15 and 16,2021. Pre-conference workshops will be on July 8, 9 and 13.

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#Asimov2021. Eine Uni, ein Buch.

Die TU Chemnitz und der Sonderforschungsbereich „Hybrid Societies“ waren mit ihrer Projektidee “Chemnitz liest Asimov” im Wettbewerb „Eine Uni – Ein Buch“ des Stifterverbandes erfolgreich – Das Gewinnerkonzept rund um Asimovs Werk „Ich, der Roboter“ soll noch im Sommersemester 2021 umgesetzt werden.

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