André Langer

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that our dear colleague and friend André passed away unexpectedly on July, 17th. The CRC lost an exceptionally active and engaged member and a wonderful person.

Associated Doctoral Candidate


Professorship for Distributed and Self-Organizing Systems


TU Chemnitz



Langer, A., Schmolke, L., & Gaedke, M. (2021). BIRD: Using Conversational User Interfaces to Provide Relevant Metadata for Interdisciplinary Research Dataset Publishing.
Langer, A., Göpfert, C., & Gaedke, M. (2021, May). CARDINAL: Contextualized Adaptive Research Data Description INterface Applying LinkedData. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Web Engineering.
Langer, A., Tran, B., & Gaedke, M. (2021). Extending a SKOS-based taxonomy catalog with collaborative features and an interface to provide terminologies to describe research data with interdisciplinary, semantic concepts.
Langer, A., Vu, D. N. H., & Gaedke, M. (2020). SolidRDP: Applying Solid Data Containers for Research Data Publishing. Web Engineering, 12128, 399-415.
Langer, A., Göpfert, C., & Gaedke, M. (2020). Querying the Semantic Web for Concept Identifiers to Annotate Research Datasets. Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing, 49-55.