People, prostheses, stereotypes

Think of Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” universe, the Dalex in the science fiction series “Dr. Who” and the Borg in Star Trek. Besides these man-machine villains, there are just as numerous as positive portrayals of so-called cyborgs like Robocop. What they all have in common: Their bodies are technologically modified and thus appear to some as an aberration. This evokes reactions – both negative and positive. Thibaud Schremser is in conversation with Prof. Dr. Bertolt Meyer, Professor of Industrial, Organizational and Economic Psychology, and Philip Adebahr, Research Associate at the Institute of Sociology at Chemnitz University of Technology. They inquire why this is the way it is, what we can learn from it for the hybrid society and why we should avoid the term “bodyshaming” in connection with physical disabilities.