Zukunftsweisende Kooperation: Hybrid Societies und Begehungen schaffen Raum für digitale Kunst

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Seit 2003 finden die Begehungen in Chemnitz statt – ein Kunstfestival, das in jedem Jahr aufs Neue einen vergessenen oder verlassenen Raum „aufschließt“ und zugänglich macht. Inzwischen haben die Festivalmacher um Frank Weinhold und Lars Neuenfeld damit eine Institution in der Region geschaffen. Die Begehungen sind das größte Off-Event der Stadt Chemnitz, das einen unkonventionellen, […]

Newly Elected Executive Board Takes up Work

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With a newly elected executive board the Collaborative Research Center initiates the preparation of the follow-up proposal. The new spokesperson team is formed by the psychologist Prof. Dr. Bertolt Meyer and the engineer Prof. Dr. Olfa Kanoun. In September 2022, the members of the Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Societies spent three days at ‘Burg Warberg’ […]

In all conscience. Or: When the refrigerator buys an orange juice

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When we try to mechanize our society, create robots, program artificial intelligence as intelligently as possible and do all this in a way that humans will accept, the focus is primarily on scientific and psychological research. However, it should not be forgotten that people’s trust in a safe coexistence is not strengthened by a trustworthy […]

INFormation – INFrastructure – INFormatics

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Doing research on Human Computer Interaction in Hybrid Societies requires a lot of expertise, many people, and interdisciplinary, collaborative data exchange activities. But all three aspects can only create value if they are targeted, coordinated and amplified systematically. Especially during a global pandemic, where science mainly has to happen in digital remote work environments in […]

Different from normal

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In addition to the Autumn School of the Collaboration Research Center (CRC) in November, the first PhD students retreat will take place in December this year. Normally, I imagine we would meet in a nice place, work in groups on different tables, having lunch together; intensify first interdisciplinary collaborations within the CRC and afterwards having […]

Herding Cats

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One collaborative research center—eight cooperating faculties. Researchers with varied academic backgrounds using diverse approaches to investigate how humans and artificial bodies may best interact. An important element in this multifaceted endeavor is the support and promotion of young scientists. The graduate program (MGK) of the collaborative research center (CRC) Hybrid Societies will support them in […]