A research stay in corona times

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The possibility to cooperate with people and institutions from all over the world has always fascinate me. When I joined the CRC, almost one year ago, I was so happy to hear that international collaborations are strongly recommended and supported. The University of Naples Federico II, invited me to join them during spring 2021 in […]

In all conscience. Or: When the refrigerator buys an orange juice

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When we try to mechanize our society, create robots, program artificial intelligence as intelligently as possible and do all this in a way that humans will accept, the focus is primarily on scientific and psychological research. However, it should not be forgotten that people’s trust in a safe coexistence is not strengthened by a trustworthy […]

INFormation – INFrastructure – INFormatics

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Doing research on Human Computer Interaction in Hybrid Societies requires a lot of expertise, many people, and interdisciplinary, collaborative data exchange activities. But all three aspects can only create value if they are targeted, coordinated and amplified systematically. Especially during a global pandemic, where science mainly has to happen in digital remote work environments in […]

Between disinfectant spray, head-mounted masks, and questionnaires

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Investigating how people deal with intelligent machines naturally has a lot to do with people themselves. But how are you supposed to conduct scientific studies when a pandemic is keeping the whole world in check?! The answer sounds simple: with a lot of disinfectant, strict hygiene concepts and detailed planning. Sounds easy, but in addition […]

Different from normal

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In addition to the Autumn School of the Collaboration Research Center (CRC) in November, the first PhD students retreat will take place in December this year. Normally, I imagine we would meet in a nice place, work in groups on different tables, having lunch together; intensify first interdisciplinary collaborations within the CRC and afterwards having […]

Back to School

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This year’s long delayed CRC Autumn School will take place on November 19 and 20. In every other year, invited international experts and CRC members would gather on site in Chemnitz for two days of lectures, poster presentations, discussions, initiation of cooperations, and development of new project ideas. During the breaks and in the evening […]

Herding Cats

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One collaborative research center—eight cooperating faculties. Researchers with varied academic backgrounds using diverse approaches to investigate how humans and artificial bodies may best interact. An important element in this multifaceted endeavor is the support and promotion of young scientists. The graduate program (MGK) of the collaborative research center (CRC) Hybrid Societies will support them in […]

Einen Forschungs­verbund managen – in Zeiten von Corona doppelt herausfordernd

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15 Teilprojekte, zwei Querschnittsprojekte und drei Projekte, die sich mit der Koordination der Graduiertenschule, des Datenmanagements und der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit beschäftigen. Mehr als 80 Personen, deren Arbeit aufeinander abgestimmt und gefördert werden muss, sodass aus einer Ansammlung kleinteiliger Projektarbeiten ein interdisziplinärer, hochgradig kollaborativ agierender Forschungsverbund wird, der aus mehr als der Summe seiner Teile besteht. Klingt […]